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How Cloud Can Backup Your Files?

How Cloud Can Backup Your Files?
The world is a growing age of continuous information. It’s created, processed, transferred,edited and most importantly, stored. That last word, “storage” click here, is perhaps the most important word when discussing information and files. We can’t carry all of our information in our hands, so we use things like boxes, computers, storage unit [...]

Fast Internet Connection

Hello, it’s Yi Ling here and I wanted to share an experience I had that maybe you should know about. If you have seen my posts before, you know that I am a 16 year old girl who loves Hollywood movies and American Pop music but sometimes these things are hard to find here in Singapore. A lot of the time, you have to go online to find the [...]

Top Rate VPN

I just got a new PC that was a great deal and really rocks! So I installed all the anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-everything software. I installed the latest version of my favorite browsers and the extensions/add-ons that stop advertising companies from tracking me. But I noticed that some websites were still tailoring their ads to my geogra [...]

Knowing Why to Change Your IP Address

changing your ip
Using a public IP address can circumvent censorships and banned online activities. If your IP address has been blocked from a website, message board or server, a public IP address will allow you to enter where you otherwise could not. However, without a top rated vpn that’s provided by a reliable vpn service provider, it can be a bit da [...]